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ROSE Photography Class

with Nikki Johnston
Want to learn how to take beautifully dreamy photos of your reborn?
In my workshop I will share all my tips and tricks for creating the most magical photos.
Not only will you learn how to perfectly pose your reborn baby, you will also be able to master your camera’s manual settings, allowing you to take gorgeous photos no matter what the weather throws at you! All this and so much more!!
When & Where
1 day course.
Thursday 30th May, 9am - 5pm.
ROSE Doll Show, Layton Utah
1 hour break for lunch. Food won’t be provided, so please bring own.
What You’ll Learn
How to use your camera in manual mode.
An in-depth understanding of the relationship between ISO, F-stop and shutter speed and how they affect your photos.
How to deal with white balance so you can achieve the right tone to your photos in all weathers.
The difference between crop and full frame cameras.
The difference in SD card speeds.
How to deal with natural light, and the best way to light your subject.
The best tricks and tips to pose your reborn in a natural and flattering way.
How to use layers in your set up to create warm, cozy depth to your photos.
What angles are best to use to show off your reborn’s details their fullest.
How to download your photos to your laptop.
How to adjust and lighting in Lightroom/photoshop to match what can be seen in real life.
How to add watermarks.
How to upload your photos to a hosting site to gain a html link.
Access to a private Facebook support group where you can share your photos and ask for help and advice.
Students Should Bring
DSLR camera.
It doesn’t have to be fancy, just needs to have manual capability.
A Lens.
A Prime 50mm 1.8F lens is recommended for full frame cameras, 35mm 1.8F for crop. However, most lenses are ok. Both zoom or prime can be used.
Message me if you need help 🥰
Charger for your camera and an extra battery or two.
SD card at least 8GB
90 MB/s or faster is recommended. Mine is 170MB/s.
Again, feel free to message me if you need help 🥰
A finished reborn doll to photograph.
A few different outfits, in a variety of styles and colours if you desire.
Sleepsuit, onesie, full outfit etc.
Try to keep them as simple as possible.
Any props or teddies you want to use.
Boppy pillow or something similar.
Any blankets or throws you would like to use.
Plain neutral blankets/throws are best.
Pen and paper for notes you would like to take.
(Optional) Baby bed/bassinet and/or bouncer chair.
This is not necessary, as I know many are flying in for the show, but you are welcome to bring one as they can be useful.
Price for the course: USD $350
Only 10 spaces available for optimal 1-1 time with each student. So, book now to avoid disappointment!
If you have any questions, feel free to message me and I’ll do my best to help 🥰
How to Book a Space
To reserve your spot, please message me on either:
Or email:
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