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We are so excited to announce, that we will be teaching in Brisbane, Australia on the 

3rd-8th October 2019!!


Come join Samantha Gregory and Nikki Johnston in Brisbane, Australia in October 2019!! 


Come and learn how to sculpt a gorgeous newborn size baby!!


With the help of not just one, but two teachers, you will learn different techniques and styles when it comes to sculpting your baby.


Although it is a joint effort, Samantha will take the lead in the first 3 days, showing you her process of creating the head. You will learn how to build up the shape of a newborn face. From the spacing of the features, all the way down to how we create the tiny details on the eyelids and lips.


Nikki will the show you how she forms the armature for the limbs with the correct size and shape to match your baby head. She will then walk you through how she creates the shape and position of the limbs. then, as with the head, we will move onto creating the tiny details, like the tiny folds in the knuckles and the nail beds.


Along with learning all the tricks we have learnt over the past years of sculpting, we assure you the class will be filled with laughter and fun!! We all walk in as strangers, but more often than not walk out as life-long friends! <3


For more information, please email me Nikki, at


Places are very limited, so book now with the PayPal button below to avoid disappointment!!


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